Extreme (Arts + Sciences)


e(a+s) implies an interaction between elements; intensity, chemistry, and art to create something unique and powerful. It’s not a formula or static recipe, it’s a representation of relationship and potential.

How we Work

20% Strategy

Change may begin with inspiration, but it takes strategy to make it real. At e(a+s), an understanding of your customer informs everything we do.

80% Get it Done

Results don't make themselves. We help our clients bridge the gap between planning and action.

Small Teams, Big Impact

With e(a+s), you are always working with small teams of talented professionals who can move quickly and aren't afraid to change directions. No layers of management or bloated project teams. Everyone is a critical contributor.

Follow-Through is Our Religion

If we say we can do it, we'll do it: On time, on budget, and on target. In today’s interconnected world, we know our engagements are not isolated work streams. To be successful, punctuality and follow-through is not option, it’s an absolute requirement.

An Extension of Your Team

Our clients are already good at what they do. They need experts who can plug in quickly and work without micromanagement. We take charge, working with your team to break down barriers to move your organization forward.

Meet The Leadership Team


Randy Harrington, Ph.D.


Randy Harrington is the founder and CEO of (ea+s) , as well as the author of Evolutionaries: Transformational Leadership.

Randy brings a deep background in strategic planning and marketing strategy. After completing his doctorate in organizational communication from the University of Oregon, he began working with clients and immediately saw the need for clients to create stronger alignment between company strategy and marketing execution with the use of advanced digital communications. This insight led to the founding of Extreme Arts and Sciences. Randy has worked with a wide range of clients in the financial services industry, tech and government.

When not in the office, Randy is an avid guitarist, cook, and scuba diver. He makes his home in Eugene, Oregon with his wife, Patty.


Jackson Hataway, Ph.D.

Director of Communications

Consultant Jackson Hataway holds a PhD in Organizational Communication with an emphasis in Organizational Leadership from the University of Alabama. Jackson excels in bringing strategy to life through narratives, speech writing, and speech coaching and has worked with top executives at technology companies such as Adobe and Microsoft. His focus is communications strategy, strategic planning, and “long view” communication design.

Jackson brings a wonderful, likeable personality to every collaborative project and it is truly a joy to work with him.


Molly Boyd

Program Manager

A true Seattle native, Molly rejoins the Extreme Arts team as a whole new woman after spending a year “studying abroad” working as an Account Manager at Yesler. Molly brings her take-charge attitude and general awesomeness to her role as Program Manager, bringing strategic thinking and leadership to every project, from start to finish. Molly is unparalleled in her ability to build client relationships and drive quality content resulting in overall project success.

Molly has a degree in business management and philosophy from Gonzaga and has worked as Marketing Coordinator for Habitat for Humanity. When she’s not running the world, Molly enjoys having a day with no plans.


AJ Peper, Ph.D.

Senior Director of Business Development & Strategy

A.J. Peper is a digital strategist and senior consultant specializing in education and development. A.J. has worked extensively with companies such as Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, and Yahoo! to create change by understanding the grounded reality of everyday business practices and working with Leadership Teams to identify the needs, business opportunities and strategies for durable change.

A.J. holds a B.S. in Economics with a minor in business, a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Public Administration, as well as a doctorate in Educational Leadership.


Charlotte Webster


Charlotte Webster, CPA and CFO of (ea+s), has 20 years of experience within the accounting and finance fields. During her career, she has overseen a variety of functions including financial planning, general accounting and revenue recognition. Charlotte holds a B.S. in Accounting from the University of Oregon.


Amanda Jones

Business Director

Once sprung from wild deserts of Eastern Oregon, Amanda has been spotted in exotic locations along the ring of fire including Indonesia, Mexico, Japan, Canada and the always mysterious Cascadia of the Pacific Northwest. With a Bachelor’s degree in History and a Master’s degree in Business, she has been a member of the financial community for over 20 years. Amanda assists with job costing and financial flight control within e(a+s).

In her spare time she channels all of her energy into ideas of how to leave footprints on all the sandy beaches of the world.


Ben Meader

Production Director

Ben Meader brings twelve years of experience in graphic and multimedia design. Ben’s specialties include visual presentation design and short and long format video editing for such clients as Red Bull and Lionsgate.

In his spare time he enjoys being with his family.


Dana Harrington


An Oregon native, Dana attended college at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and completed her Masters in Organizational Communication at the University of Colorado Boulder. Dana now lives in Arizona and works at e(a+s) as the resident content guru and e(a+s) Gamified marketing manager.

In her spare time, Dana can be found running, hiking, at the dog park or trouncing friends at various board and card games.


Jessica Thrasher

Senior Designer

Jess is a Texas native with 9 years of graphic design experience, who specializes in executive-level infographic and presentation design. With her design savvy and “bring it on” attitude, Jess thrives in an environment of creative collaboration and loves design challenges that bring her out of her comfort zone.

In her downtime, Jess continues to use her eye for design as she paints and does photography. She is also known to enjoy cross-country traveling in Europe.


Talia Rose


Talia is a Seattle native with 2 years of graphic design experience. Her eye for inconsistency and her unfailing precision has helped her grow as a designer and develop a particular proclivity for Photoshop. Most importantly, her creative spirit brings an air of whimsy and class to the office.

Talia’s imagination and creativity follow her outside the office. She can be found playing video games, traveling, sketching, or at a convention doing cosplay with friends.


John Green

Creative Director/Chief Architect

John is an early veteran of web development as a designer on Hollywood websites during the mid-90s. He came back to his hometown of Seattle, and was quickly snatched up by Microsoft, where he enjoyed a 12 year career as a marketer and technologist. He left Microsoft, and joined social networking startup RIPL as a development lead, but soon re-imagined the product and spearheaded the overall technology architecture and engineering efforts. From there, he's gotten back to his roots of melding killer design with cutting-edge technology. He is well versed in all things design, including alternative user interface design, client-server architecture & programming, video (technology & product), and Internet marketing. More importantly, he is more than the sum of his parts — his varied background provides a holistic synergy in everything he does.


Adrian Leon

Digital Artist

Adrian was born and raised in a small town in the countryside of central Florida. Adrian attended art school in Fort Lauderdale for a bachelor’s degree in illustration. During his studies he was exposed to the latest trends and technologies used to produce art and graphics for large, multi-disciplinary projects. His freelance opportunities lead him to illustrate/design for a variety of games, films, books and much more. His fundamental understanding, keen eye and adaptability have given him a promising career path as a digital artist.

When he is not in the creative bubble, Adrian loves running, playing soccer, traveling, as well as simple things like exploring more of his new home state of Washington or playing video games.


Jens Townsdin

Full Stack Developer

A UW grad, Jens joins the EAS team as a full stack web developer with experience in the LAMP, MEAN, and Python/Django. With a background in Biology, Jens got his start in the Biotech industry. Jens thrives under pressure to complete complex websites and tackle new problems head on. Jens’ familiarity with a variety of languages and his ability to learn quickly makes him a master at adapting to new challenges and creating the best user experience possible.

Having grown up on a small island off Washington, Jens has a deep love of the ocean and anything outdoors. These days, when Jens isn’t immersed in computer code, you can find him climbing something very tall and impressive.


Edwin Song


Edwin is a graduate from the University of Washington, earning his degree in Industrial Design. Growing up, he spent his days drawing, painting and recreating the world around him. Edwin has continued cultivating that creativity and has put his passion for great design and peculiar art creations into his work.

Edwin brings 8 years of extensive experience in freelance design to the team, exploring graphic design as well as product design. Edwin’s experience in visual and product design has shaped and continues to shape the way he creates design solutions, from identity rebranding to tangible productions/prototypes to marketing visually stunning ads and digital experiences.

Beyond his creative endeavors, Edwin often feels the pull of the great outdoors and can be found hiking, snowboarding, camping or spending time with his family cooking some tasty BBQ.


Steve Preston

Development Manager

Steve joins our team from Kentucky, bringing with him 10 years of intensive experience in web development. Steve has a BA from Marshall University and is currently pursuing his Masters of Computer Science at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Steve brings more than substantial technical chops to the team—He has worked as a leader and mentor for other developers, working collaboratively with others to deliver the best final product by assessing and building solutions before development even begins. Steve’s expertise and holistic understanding of the development cycle, as well as his tenure as a leader, allow him to drive results and ensure client goals are met.

In his spare time, Steve likes to play: play with his kids, play the piano, and play board and video games. Beyond his love of play, Steve has lofty aspirations to be a wizard someday, but for now is content being a wizard at web development.


John Miller

Program Manager

Although born in Connecticut, John – better known at (ea+s) as “Miller” – identifies as a true hometown kid having grown up in Seattle. He holds a B.A. in Communications from the University of Washington. Miller started his professional career in television at Seattle’s ABC affiliate station KOMO4 where he developed advertising solutions and creative marketing strategies for local businesses. Prior to joining the (ea+s) team, he served as a strategic adviser at Microsoft where he supported sales teams across the US, Canada and Latin America by creating strategies that strengthened relationships with Microsoft’s enterprise customers and partner groups.

Miller offers (ea+s) a dynamic skillset blending years of marketing experience with his background in technology. With a true passion for creativity, he uniquely approaches each project by adeptly collaborating across teams to deliver great outcomes for our clients.

Outside of the office, Miller competes as a midfielder in the Cascade Men’s Lacrosse League and enjoys experiencing the great outdoors.


Carmen Voillequé

Senior Consultant

With 20 years of experience in corporate training, public speaking, and facilitation, Carmen consistently receives high praise and positive feedback from organizers and participants alike. She is nationally respected for her expertise in strategic planning, organizational change management and implementing high performance team processes for project execution. She specializes in Business & Management, Consulting, Leadership Development, Curriculum Design and Instruction, Strategic Planning, Professional Speaking & Coaching, and Communications & Messaging. Carmen especially has a passion for developing and facilitating customized high-energy experiential learning programs for mid-level and senior level managers and executives. She brings an edgy, but humorous and professional style to her teachings, and can work with almost any individual or group.

Initially working in the areas of education and financial services, Carmen has worked as a consultant for 9 years. She is also the author of the Courage Power Passion curriculum for middle management employees, and the co-author of Evolutionaries: Transformational Leadership with Randy Harrington, PhD. Carmen graduated with honors from the University of Oregon and went on to earn a certification in Secondary and Adult Education from San Francisco State University.

Careers at e(a+s)

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